Title Yearsort ascending
Nuevos nanocompuestos basados en materiales carbonosos y nanosemiconductores para aplicaciones de almacenamiento de energía 2021
Carbon-nanoparticles hybrids as electrodes in electrochemical energy storage systems 2021
Colloidal nanosemiconductors for clean energy applications 2021
Opportunities of using NiOx nanoparticles to grow thin films 2021
Strategies to activate photocatalysts under solar light for pollutant removal in wastewater 2021
New nanostructured metal oxides for use in photocatalysis 2021
Fabricación de celdas solares de perovskita y de AgBiS2 2021
Optical, structural and morphological properties of NiOx thin films obtained by e-beam 2021
Eliminación fotocatalítica de contaminantes en agua mediante óxidos metálicos nanoestructurados 2021
High frequency response of biomass-derived carbon in aqueous electrochemical capacitor 2021
Development of photoactive materials for the removal of persistent organic pollutants (POP’s) from wastewater using solar light 2020
Bismuth-based colloidal nanocrystals: lead-free materials for solution-processed solar cells 2020
NOEL: Innovative Nanostructured Electrodes for Energy Storage Concepts 2020
Structural, optical and electrical properties of NiOx thin films obtained by various techniques 2020
Lead-free colloidal nanocrystals for solution processed solar cells 2020
Novel photosensitization of TiO2 films and study of their catalytic activity on phenolic compounds photodegradation under solar light irradiation 2019
Caracterización de las bandas de energía de semiconductores nanocristalinos empleando diversas técnicas y comparativa entre ellas 2019
AgBiS2 Nanocrystals as TiO2 Photosensitiser for Solar-Driven Removal of Phenolic Compounds in Wastewater 2019
Bismuth-based colloidal nanocrystals for solution-processed solar cells 2019