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El Kenawy A.M., McCabe M.F., Lopez-Moreno J.I., Hathal Y., Robaa S.M., Al Budeiri A.L., Jadoon K.Z., Aboelmagd A., Eddenjal A., Domínguez-Castro F., Trigo R.M., Vocente-Serrano S.M. (2019) Spatial assessment of the performance of multiple high-resolution satellite-based precipitation datasets over the Middle East. International Journal of Climatology 39, 2522-2545.
Domínguez-Castro F., Vicente-Serrano S.M., Tomás- Burguera M., Peña-Gallardo M., Beguería S., El Kenawy A., Luna Y., Morata A. High-spatial-resolution probability maps of drought duration and magnitude across Spain. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 19, 611-628.
Domínguez-Castro F., Vicente-Serrano S.M., Tomás-Burguera M., Peña-Gallardo M., Beguería S., El Kenawy A., Luna Y., Morata A. (2019). High spatial resolution climatology of drought events for Spain: 1961-2014. International Journal of Climatology doi:10.1002/joc.6126
Peña-Gallardo M., Vicente- Serrano S.M., Hannaford J., Lorenzo-Lacruz J., Svoboda M., Domínguez-Castro F., Maneta M., Tomas-Burguera M., El Kenawy A. (2019). Complex influences of meteorological drought time-scales on hydrological droughts in natural basins of the contiguous Unites States. Journal of Hydrology 568, 611-625.
Vicente-Serrano S.M., Martín-Hernández N., Camarero J.J., Gazol A., Sánchez-Salguero R., Peña-Gallardo M., El Kenawy A., Domínguez-Castro F., Tomas-Burguera M., Gutierrez E., de Luis M., Sangüesa-Barreda G., Novak K., Rozas V., Tíscar P.A., Linares J.C., Martínez del Castillo E., Ribas M., García-González I., Silla F., Camisón A., Génova M., Olano J.M., Longares L.A., Hevia A., Galván J.D. (2020). Linking tree-ring growth and satellite-derived gross primary growth in multiple forest biomes. Temporal-scale matters. Ecological Indicators 108, 105753.

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