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Martínez-Padilla, J., Wenzel, M.A., Mougeot, F., Pérez-Rodríguez, L., Piertney, S. and Redpath, S.M. 2019. Parasite-mediated selection in red grouse -consequences for population dynamics and mate choice. In: Wildlife Disease Ecology. Linking Theory to Data and Application. Eds: K. Wilson, A. Fenton and D. Tomkins. Cambridge University Press.
Bover, P., Mitchell, K.J., Torres‐Roig, E., Llamas, B., Thomson, V.A., Alcover, J.A., Agustí, J., Cooper, A., Pons, J. 2019. Ancient DNA from an extinct Mediterranean micromammal—Hypnomys morpheus (Rodentia: Gliridae)—Provides insight into the biogeographic history of insular dormice. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, in press.

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