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Sepiolite based catalyst supports produced by combined freeze-robocasting technique 2022
Modelling electricity self-production and self-consumption. Insights from the input-output framework 2021
ANAIS-112 status and preliminary 3 years results 2021
COVID-19 Restructurando la Movilidad, la Subjetividad y los Derechos (panel moderation) 2021
Opportunities of using NiOx nanoparticles to grow thin films 2021
Biomolecular interactions, drug discovery, LACRIMA and ZCAM 2021
Round table: Accreditations, scholarships and curriculum 2021
Ceramic based biocatalytic reactors: processing and functionalization with biocatalysts 2021
Repurposing beta-lactams for Buruli ulcer therapy, from the bench to the clinic. 2021
Environmental effects of silver iodide emitted by hail suppression systems in Aragón (Spain) 2021
Liver Regeneration: From Prometheus to Machines 2021
Thermal Liquid Biopsy (TLB) applied to pancreatic cyst diagnosis 2021
Presentación del proyecto de investigación "Aragón Photo" [ref. LMP37_18] e impartición de un "Taller de digitalización de materiales fotográficos históricos" 2021
CoronaBorders: from a Carnival to an Epistemology of Ignorance 2021
New nanostructured metal oxides for use in photocatalysis 2021
¿Derechos para l@s migrantes o derecho a migrar? ¿Quién es y no es un "migrante"? 2021
Nanostructured low-cost sorbents for H2S removal 2021
Contrasting functional strategies following severe drought in two mediterranean oaks with different leaf habit 2021
Strategies to elucidate the mode of action of the avermectins against mycobacteria 2021
Dark matter annual modulation with ANAIS-112:three years results 2021