Title Yearsort ascending
Global change impacts. Challenge 1: Past Global Changes: A context to the anthropocene 2021
The case of a southern European glacier which survived Roman andmedieval warm periods but is disappearing under recent warming 2021
Influence of hail suppression systems over silver content in the environment in Aragón (Spain). I: Rainfall and soils 2021
Environmental magnetic fingerprinting of anthropogenic and natural atmospheric deposition over southwestern Europe 2021
Snow Impurities in the Central Pyrenees: From Their Geochemical and Mineralogical Composition towards Their Impacts on Snow Albedo 2020
Variability of air pollutants, and PM composition and sources at a regional background site in the Balearic Islands: Review of western Mediterranean phenomenology from a 3-year study 2020
Hydrogeochemical, isotopic and geophysical characterization of saline lake systems in semiarid regions: The Salada de Chiprana Lake, Northeastern Spain 2020
Phenomenology and geographical gradients of atmospheric deposition in southwestern Europe: Results from a multi-site monitoring network 2020
Chemistry of dry and wet atmospheric deposition over the Balearic Islands, NW Mediterranean: Source apportionment and African dust areas 2020
Lluvia de metales pesados sobre los Lagos de Covadonga 2019
African dust and air quality over Spain: Is it only dust that matters? 2019
Partitioning of the water soluble versus insoluble fraction of trace elements in the city of Santiago, Chile 2018
Sources of PM2.5 at an urban-industrial Mediterranean city, Marseille (France): Application of the ME-2 solver to inorganic and organic markers 2018
Aerosol sources in the western Mediterranean during summertime: a model-based approach 2018
Simulation of fine organic aerosols in the western Mediterranean area during the ChArMEx 2013 summer campaign 2018
Primary marine aerosol physical and chemical emissions during a nutriment enrichment experiment in mesocosms in the Mediterranean Sea 2017
Modelling organic aerosol concentrations and properties during ChArMEx summer campaigns of 2012 and 2013 in the western Mediterranean region 2017
Organic carbon at a remote site of the western Mediterranean Basin: composition, sources and chemistry during the ChArMEx SOP2 field experiment 2017
Spatial Extent of New Particle Events over the Mediterranean basin from multiple ground-based and airborne measurements 2017