The Aragonese Foundation for Research & Development (ARAID) is an Agency created by the Government of Aragon with the aim of promoting research, development and innovation in Aragon. It is a non-profit organization, with the legal status of a Foundation, authorized by the Decree 223/2005 of the Government of Aragon, on October 25th 2005.

The main activity of the Foundation is the recruitment of researchers and scientist. For this the Foundation launches regular calls for attraction of researchers. These calls are open to talented and experienced Researchers of various fields of Research and Knowledge, with credited recognition of the quality of their work at international level. This activity represents a clear advance in the regional purpose to make Aragon an attractive Region for research and creation of knowledge, offering researchers a stable and viable professional setup for the development of their careers.

Main Objectives

The main objectives of ARAID are:

  • To develop active policies aimed to improving the human and scientific resources in research and innovation in Aragon, as a factor of regional development.
  • To promote the interest of the citizens in Aragon and of the society as a whole in matters related to research and innovation, by disseminating research results and innovation efforts made in the region. Aragón I+D will endeavor to make innovation and creativity one of the defining characteristics of Aragon.
  • To establish scientific and academic collaborations with other national and international public and private organizations with similar goals and activities.
  • To carry out studies and produce reports on research and innovation in the region, and to promote actions that facilitate R&D and help develop regional research and innovation policies.
  • To support meetings, conferences, forums and other forms of analysis and interdisciplinary debate about R&D needs and policies. To increase dialogue on research and innovation between the academic, business and industrial communities and the Aragon administration.
  • To support to the R&D agents and Institutions in their fundraising efforts. When necessary, provide assistance for the preparation of proposals and search for suitable partners.
  • To promote research, development and Innovation as key tools for social and economic progress in the region of Aragon.