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Levelling the Playing Field for EU Biomass Usage 2019
Economic Impacts of a Low Carbon Economy on Global Agriculture: The Bumpy Road to Paris 2019
Waste not, want not: A bioeconomic assessment of household food waste reductions in the EU 2019
Scenar 2030: Pathways for the European Agriculture and Food Sector Beyond 2020 2018
Sailing into unchartered waters: Plotting a course for EU bio-based sectors 2018
A re-examination of the structural diversity of biobased activities and regions across the EU 2018
Melitz Meets Milk: The Impact of Quota Abolition on EU Dairy Export Competitiveness 2018
CGE Models in Environmental Policy Analysis: A Review and Spanish Case Study 2018
A Foresight Study of European East-West Agrifood Trade Options 2018
BioSAMs for the EU Member States. Constructing Social Accounting Matrices with a detailed disaggregation of the bio-economy 2018
Brexit: How Will UK Agriculture Fare? 2018
The MAGNET model framework for assessing policy coherence and SDGs - Application to the bioeconomy 2018
The Good, the Bad and the Uncertain: Bioenergy Use in the European Union 2018
Assessing potential coupling factors of European decoupled payments with the Modular Agricultural GeNeral Equilibrium Tool (MAGNET) 2017
Land Supply Elasticities, Overview of available estimates and recommended values for MAGNET 2017
Pulling back the curtain on 'behind the border' trade costs: The case of EU-US agri-food trade 2017
Model linkage between CAPRI and MAGNET: An exploratory assessment 2017
Levelling the playing field for European Union agriculture: Does the Common Agricultural Policy impact homogeneously on farm productivity and efficiency? 2017
Analysis of structural patterns in highly disaggregated bioeconomy sectors by EU Member States using SAM/IO multipliers 2017
Russian Roulette at the Trade Table: A specific factors CGE analysis of an agri-food import ban 2016