Mission, Vision and values

ARAID's mission is:
• To incorporate researchers with prestige and leadership skills to the Community, creating favourable conditions for the development of their work.
• To facilitate consensus on Aragon research and innovation priorities.
• To strengthen and develop strategic lines of research identified by the Government of Aragon in its sectoral plans.
• To persuade Aragonese society of the need and benefits of placing knowledge and innovation among the mainstays of its economy.

ARAID's vision is:

• To contribute to the development of the autonomous community of Aragon, by promoting research on the region.
• To make a strong commitment to innovation strategies in Aragon and foster a new culture based on it.
• To promote the creation of spaces for knowledge transfer between the research community and the innovation business network.

ARAID's values are:

• Commitment to the policies of the Government of Aragon in the fields of research and innovation.
• Agility, flexibility and efficiency in internal dynamics of work.
• Social transparency and credibility.
• Involvement of ARAID's staff in its objectives.
• Continuous improvement in ARAID's internal management processes.
• Teamwork and innovation as operating methods.