"Input-output, global value chains and energy transition”, visiting research stay of Prof. Dr. E. Dietzenbacher

Aims & Objectives
 Understanding the most up to date developments on Global Value Chains analysis & footprints.
 Getting interesting feedback and ideas of follow-up from current CREDENAT (http://www.credenat.com/en/)
 Learning the insights of Structural Decomposition Analysis (SDA) applied to energy transition.
 Having time for specific (e.g. 1 to 1) discussions on new work ideas, on proposals/revision of mathematical input-
output derivations, writing style for a certain audience, etc.
 Finding insights from the work of a former journal Editor, and on academic writting.
 Getting to know how to organize a succesfull programme research visits (as at the Univ. Groningen).
 Learning from ED’s experiences on different academic roles, teaching at different institutions, etc.

Cazcarro Castellano, Ignacio
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Organización de encuentros
Depart. of Economic Analysis, Faculty of Economics & Business, of the University of Zaragoza.
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