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P.F. Garrido, M. Bastos, A. Velazquez-Campoy, P. Dumas, A. Piñeiro. Fluid interface calorimetry. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2021, 596 119-129
Simon Hettler*, David Sebastian, Mario Pelaez-Fernandez, Ana M. Benito, Wolfgang K. Maser, Raul Arenal*, “In-situ reduction by Joule heating and measurement of electrical conductivity of graphene oxide in a transmission electron microscope”, 2D Materials 8, 031001 (2021).
B. Rizzuti, F. Grande, F. Conforti, A. Jimenez-Alesanco, L. Ceballos-Laita, D. Ortega-Alarcon, S. Vega, H.T. Reyburn, O. Abian, A. Velazquez-Campoy. Rutin is a low micromolar inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2 main protease 3CLpro: Implications for drug design of quercetin analogs. Biomedicines 2020, 9:375
Lira-Navarrete E and Pallarés MC and Castello F, Ruedas-Rama MJ, Orte* A, Lostao* A, Hurtado-Guerrero* R. Protein O-Fucosyltransferase 1 Undergoes Interdomain Flexibility in Solution. Molecules. 2021; 26(8):2105.
Silvia Hernández-Ainsa. Wrap to sort (News & Views). Nature Chemistry (2021).

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