Curso de posgrado "Working with bacterial genomes"

This six-day workshop aims to give microbiologists a working knowledge of genomic analysis, which will cover the handling and processing of DNA sequence data produced by next generation sequencers. The course is intended mainly for PhD students who wish to develop their bioinformatics skills in analyzing bacterial genomes and their understanding of bacterial genome evolution, but also Postdoctoral researchers are welcome. The course will take the form of a series of modules covering most aspects of sequence analysis and exploitation: from the assembly of genomes, to population genetics. Each module will focus on one popular software package which will be introduced with a short talk, followed by hands-on worked examples using data from bacterial genomes. The course will be taught by outstanding teachers most of who are the developers of the software packages which will be proposed.

Contreras Moreira (on leave since 30/09/2018) , Bruno
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Conferencia o clases puntuales
curso de posgrado
University of Helsinki
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