Title Yearsort ascending
Integral field spectroscopy of extended Lyα emission from the DLA galaxy in Q2233+131 2004
Clean Optical Spectrum of the Radio Jet of 3C 120 2004
Soil macrofaunal communities in permanent pastures derived from tropical forest or savanna 2004
GEMS Imaging of Red-Sequence Galaxies at z~0.7: Dusty or Old? 2004
Excited states dynamics in time-dependent density functional theory 2004
Evidence for a coupled magnetic-crystallographic transformation in Nd5(Si0.6Ge0.4)4 2004
E3D, the Euro3D visualization tool II: Mosaics, VIMOS data and large IFUs of the future 2004
Polyamide 6/ethylene-butylene elastomer blends generated via anionic polymerization of ε-caprolactam. Phase morphology and dynamic mechanical behaviour 2004
The long and short flavodoxins I: The role of the differentiating loop in apoflavodoxin structure and FMN binding 2004
CMOS-integrated, cantilever-based sensor devices: the Biofinger Project 2004
Linkage mapping of ovine cysteine and histidine-rich protein gene (CYHR1) to chromosome 9. 2004
Suicide gene therapy: conversion of ethanol to acetaldehyde mediated by human beta 2 alcohol dehydrogenase. 2004
A link between sequence conservation and domain motion within the AAA+ family 2004
Electrochemical Characteristics of Lithium Insertion in Several 3d Metal Tungstates (MWO4, M = Cu, Ni, Mn and Co) Prepared by Aqueous Reactions 2004
Gene expression pattern and immunoreactive protein localization of LGR7 receptor in human endometrium throughout the menstrual cycle. 2004
Magnetic field induced strain in Ni2MnGa melt-spun ribbons 2004
Optical properties of nanostructures from time-dependent density functional theory 2004
Dew points of binary carbon dioxide + water and ternary carbon dioxide + water + methanol mixtures: Measurement and Modelling. 2004
Chemical ordering in magnetic Fe Pd∕ Pd (001) epitaxial thin films induced by annealing 2004
Characterization of protein-protein interactions by isothermal titration calorimetry 2004