Title Yearsort ascending
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Parliamentary diplomacy in the Mediterranean 2016
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Inter-parliamentary cooperation in electoral monitoring 2015
The European Parliament and its International Relations 2015
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The parliamentary dimension of EU external affairs during the 2014 Greek Presidency 2015
‘Crisis and De-Europeanization’ 2015
The Impact of the International Economic and Financial Crisis on the De-Europeanization of National Foreign Policies in the Mediterranean 2015
Unpublished summary paper based on a presentation given as an Invited Expert Speaker in the Panel on “SEECP PA and parliamentary diplomacy: Creating and managing relations with international and regional organizations” 2015
Algunas Reflexiones Sobre Responsabilidad De Proteger, Diplomacia Parlamentaria Y La Intervención Militar En Libia En 2011 2015
´Conclusions: international role and impact of the European Parliament´ 2015
“The European Parliament as an International Parliamentary Institution (IPI)” 2014
The new Inter-Parliamentary Conference on the CFSP/CSDP 2014
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Responsibility to Protect: what role for parliamentary diplomacy? 2013
´Re-Assessing the Claim of a “Successful Europeanization” of Spanish Foreign Policy: Conceptual and Empirical Criticisms´ 2013