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Culture and geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean: Greek parliamentary diplomacy and the World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association (WHIA) 2020
Cyprus and the European Union 2020
Book Review of The Rise and Fall of Europeanization. What is Next for EU-Turkey Relations? 2020
La diplomacia parlamentaria: el papel de los Parlamentos en el mundo 2019
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‘‘Civilian Power Europe’ and the Syrian Conflict’ 2019
Special Issue on “Joint scrutiny of EU policies: the contribution of inter-parliamentary cooperation”, Perspectives on Federalism 2018
“Inter-parliamentary cooperation as a means for reinforcing joint scrutiny in the EU: upgrading existing mechanisms and creating new ones” 2018
Greek parliamentarians and Greek foreign policy (2004-2014) 2018
Why the Setting Up of Interparliamentary Conferences (IPCs) in the EU Revitalizes the Neglected Concept of “Civilian Power Europe” (CPE) 2018
El derecho a la autodeterminación de los pueblos en la protodiplomacia parlamentaria catalana: los casos palestino y saharui 2018
Mapping the proliferation of parliamentary actors in the Mediterranean: facilitating or hindering cooperation? 2017
Southern Europe – Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, Greece, Cyprus 2017
Introduction: The Rise of Parliamentary Diplomacy in International Politics 2017
Conclusions: Parliamentary Diplomacy as a Global Phenomenon 2017
Parliamentary Diplomacy in European and Global Governance 2017
Mapping the parliamentary field in the Mediterranean: how many actors? 2016
´Parliamentary Diplomacy Uncovered: European and Global Perspectives´ 2016
Parliamentary diplomacy in the Mediterranean 2016
´The European Parliament´s contribution to the R2P debate: lessons from the Libyan and Syrian conflicts´ 2016