Title Yearsort ascending
Carbon-nanoparticles hybrids as electrodes in electrochemical energy storage systems 2021
Translational research in MeCP2-related diseases 2021
Technological change for a sustainable economy from an input-output framework 2021
Valoración de la política fiscal por parte de la ciudadanía española: Entre las relaciones y perfiles estables y los tiempos cambiantes 2021
Neuroanatomical study of the azhdarchoid pterosaur Tupuxuara 2021
Approaches to elucidate the mode of action of a novel chemical series active against mycobacteria 2021
Measuring the Size of the Bioeconomy: an Output-based Methodology 2021
Ancient DNA analysis of feathers from funerary bundles at the pre-Hispanic religious center of Pachacamac (Perú) 2021
Modelling electricity self-production and self-consumption. Insights from the input-output framework 2021
ANAIS-112 status and preliminary 3 years results 2021
COVID-19 Restructurando la Movilidad, la Subjetividad y los Derechos (panel moderation) 2021
Opportunities of using NiOx nanoparticles to grow thin films 2021
Biomolecular interactions, drug discovery, LACRIMA and ZCAM 2021
Round table: Accreditations, scholarships and curriculum 2021
Ceramic based biocatalytic reactors: processing and functionalization with biocatalysts 2021
Repurposing beta-lactams for Buruli ulcer therapy, from the bench to the clinic. 2021
Environmental effects of silver iodide emitted by hail suppression systems in Aragón (Spain) 2021
Liver Regeneration: From Prometheus to Machines 2021
Thermal Liquid Biopsy (TLB) applied to pancreatic cyst diagnosis 2021
Presentación del proyecto de investigación "Aragón Photo" [ref. LMP37_18] e impartición de un "Taller de digitalización de materiales fotográficos históricos" 2021