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"Ilegalidad en origen": Repensar la producción escalar y la externalización de fronteras 2021
Investigation of the CO2 adsorption capacity of chars produced by pyrolysis of macro-components of digested manure and their blends 2021
Robust interaction between predator pressure and disease prevalence during the peak phase of a rodent species with cyclic demography: a large-scale replicated experiment. 2021
Assessing the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Agricultural and Food Markets in Africa: A Global Simulation Model Exercise 2021
Contrasting functional strategies following severe drought in two mediterranean oaks with different leaf habit 2021
Ponencia: "Proyecto Aragón Photo", I Jornada Internacional Anna Atkins de Fotografía, organizada por Fotodoc (UCM) y Archivo Jalón Ángel (USJ), en Caja Rural de Aragón, Zaragoza, 16 de diciembre de 2021. 2021
Repurposing beta-lactams for Buruli ulcer therapy, from the bench to the clinic. 2021
Ponencia invitada: "Bains de Panticosa (Huesca), un demi-siècle de regards photographiques (1865-1915)". Journée d'étude internationale: Patrimoine thermal, de la glorie au péril (II), Pau (Francia), 10 de diciembre de 2021. 2021
Thermal Liquid Biopsy (TLB) applied to pancreatic cyst diagnosis 2021
Nanobody-guided immuno-PET for the diagnosis of glioblastoma 2021
Presentación del proyecto de investigación "Aragón Photo" [ref. LMP37_18] e impartición de un "Taller de digitalización de materiales fotográficos históricos" 2021
Carbon-nanoparticles hybrids as electrodes in electrochemical energy storage systems 2021
Age-associated changes in myocardial fibrosis amount and distribution quantified from nonlinear optical microscopy images 2021
EuroLat and the Venezuelan crisis 2021
New carnivore material from the Early Pleistocene of La Puebla de Valverde (Spain): a multivariate taxonomical approach based on the dentition updates de systematics of the genus Lynx 2021
Nanostructured low-cost sorbents for H2S removal 2021
Dark matter annual modulation with ANAIS-112: three years results 2021
Nanostructured low-cost sorbents for H2S removal 2021
¿Derechos para l@s migrantes o derecho a migrar? ¿Quién es y no es un "migrante"? 2021
Geochemical fingerprints and North-African dust sources: results from a multisite network of aerosol deposition in the south-western Europe 2021