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Soil organisms: allies for enhancing sustainable use of soils and climate change adaptation 2020
Soil properties and water discharge NO3- under intensive irrigated agriculture in a degraded semi-arid Mediterranean catchment 2012
Solubility and stability enhancement of resveratrol and analogues: a comparative study between modified cyclodextrins and bile acids 2012
Solution derived YBCO-(Y2O3/BaZrO3/Ta-based) nanocomposite films: nanostructure study by means of aberration correctred Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy 2011
Source apportionment of organic aerosol over western Mediterranean insular remote environments (Corsica and Mallorca sites) 2022
Source- and degradation-diagnostic of colloidal organic matter exported by rivers across the Eurasian Arctic margin 2013
Sources and degradation of terrestrial organic matter along the Kolyma paleoriver transect in the East Siberian Sea 2010
Spain, the field of Europe? Changes in crop production during the second half of the twentieth century 2018
Spanish foreign policy and the Spanish Presidency 2009
Spanish People's Attitudes Towards the Environment and Climate Change. A Quantitative Temporal Evolution Approach 2021
Spatial distribution, sources and inventories of particulate organic carbon in the Laptev and East Siberian Seas 2010
Spatial patterns of soil ecosystem engineers’ functional domains determine ecosystem function 2015
Spatial variability on sediment associated nutrients and contaminants deposition at the Middle Ebro river floodplain 2009
Spatial-time variability of particulate material content and its composition: From mesoscale to interannual variability 2010
Speaker, Inaugural Public event/round table discussion on “The Mediterranean in 2017” 2017
Speaker, roundtable 2018
Specific cytolytic mechanisms are differentially involved in bacterial clearance and sepsis during a gram-negative bacterial infection 2013
Specific heat of monoclinic Pr5Si1.5Ge2.5 and Nd5Si1.45Ge2.55 in vicinity of magnetic phase transition 2009
Specific transfer of hollow gold nanoparticles within exosomes is determined by the exosome origin 2019
Spin dynamics of Dy2 molecular qugates deposited onto micro-SQUID sensors 2015