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XII Jornadas de Producción animal 2007
Diagnóstico genético preimplantacional en embriones vitrificados: sexaje de embriones y genotipado del gen de resistencia al scrapie. Resultados preliminares. 2007
¿Un gen de gran efecto para prolificidad en raza Rasa Aragonesa?. 2007
Expansión de la población de culicoides imicola en España y análisis filogenético de la misma, basado en el análisis del gen de la citocromo oxidasa subunidad I (COI). 2007
Multifunctional glyconanoparticles for applications in cell labeling 2007
Effects of structural disorder on the dynamics of mobile ions in oxide ion conductors A2(Ti1-yZry)2O7 (A = Gd, Dy) 2007
Water soluble magnetic glyconanoparticles: synthesis, characterization, cell response and applications as contrast agents for MRI 2007
Atomic Force Microscopy applied to the study of single Protein-Ligand complexes 2007
Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy Mapping 2007
Non-contact AFM imaging of single biomolecules in the repulsive electrical double layer regime 2007
Glyconanotechnology: a methodology to prepare biofunctional nanoparticles with application in Nanomedicine 2007
Organocatalytic Addition of TMSCN to N,N-Dialkylhydrazones Using Thioureas 2007
UDP GlcNAc pathway as drug target for aspergillosis 2007
Radio and chemosensitization induced by Caspase-1 is independent of p53, p38 and JNK . 2007
Geochemical signature in off-shore sediments from the Gulf of Cádiz. Provenance and environmental variability 2007
Reacción de Adición Tipo Strecker a N,N-dialquilhidrazonas en H2O. Un Proceso "Environmentally Friendly" 2007
The Interplay of Efflux Pumps and Porin Expression in Tetracycline Induced Resistance of E. coli 2007
An Easy Entry to Optically Active N-Boc and N-Cbz Protected Amino Derivatives Using alfa-Amido Sulfones 2007
The inferred causes of growth decline at the southern distribution limit of silver fir in the Spanish Pyrenees: historical land-use and climatic variability 2007
Multiple mechanisms underly the role of Rex-1 in preimplantation development and pluripotency in mouse ES cells 2007