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Seminario Internacional sobre Europa y el Mediterráneo: política migratoria, seguridad y defensa 2008
Jornadas Internacionales sobre Migraciones en el Mediterráneo y Unión Europea: un reto. (5-7 noviembre) 2008
Nanoparticles for agriculture and plant research: leaf coatings and smart delivery systems 2008
Nanobiosensor for glucose based on chemically modified glucose oxidase labelled to magnetic nanoaprticles 2008
Cell response against water stable magnetic nanoparticles obtained by thermal decomposition procedure 2008
Biofunctionalization of magnetic nanoparticles for immunomagnetic biosensors 2008
Size-dependent magnetic properties of magnetoferritin 2008
Dip-Pen Nanolithography: “Writing” Molecules, Biological Entities and Nanomaterials at the Nanometer Scale 2008
Mechanical milling as a tool for manipulating the structural characteristics of pyrochlores 2008
Structural (and sequence-based) analysis of transcriptional regulatio 2008
Multiple mechanisms underly the role of Rex-1 in preimplantation development and pluripotency in mouse ES cells 2008
Uncatalyzed Strecker-type Reaction of N,N-dialkylhydrazones in Pure Water 2008
Testing Downside Risk Efficiency Under Market Distress 2008
Pulsed Laser Deposition of half-metallic magnetic oxide thin films 2008
Preparation and magnetic characterization of Fe/MgO layered granular thin films 2008
Granzyme A induces pro-inflammatory cytokines through the inflammasome 2008
Diversidad estructural y patrones espaciotemporales de los pinsapares del macizo bético-rifeño (S España, N Marruecos). 2008
The Euro-Med FTA and an Agro-Food Deal: Potential Impacts in Greece 2008
Simple methods to screen efflux pump activity and efflux pump inhibitors in Multi-Drug Resistant Escherichia coli 2008
Uncatalyzed Strecker-type Reaction of N,N-dialkylhydrazones in Pure Water 2008