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How many species in soil? Global patterns in soil biodiversity distribution – the enigma continues 2009
Specific heat of monoclinic Pr5Si1.5Ge2.5 and Nd5Si1.45Ge2.55 in vicinity of magnetic phase transition 2009
Caspase-dependent inhibition of mousepox (ectromelia) replication by gzmB 2009
Parliaments and civil society in the Mediterranean and Latin America 2009
Efecto del sistema de alimentación sobre la expresión del gen Stearoyl-CoA desaturasa (SCD) en ovino de la raza Rasa aragonesa. 2009
Remobilization and degradation of Muostakh Island (Laptev Sea), as part of the collapsing Arctic coastal ice complex 2009
Quantum Optimal Control Theory with Time Dependent Density Functional Theory 2009
Early detection of MDRTB by molecular tools in the control of drug resistant tuberculosis in Portugal: a case of success 2009
¿Es necesario reducir la dosis del ECG en corderas prolíficas portadoras del alelo FecXr (ROA)?. Efecto de dos dosis diferentes sobre la fertilidad y prolificidad. 2009
Epitaxial growth and characterization of cobalt-ferrite thin films 2009
Rethinking the analysis of climate-growth relationships in Dendrochronology: a Hierarchical Bayesian approach 2009
International Siberian Shelf Study 2008 (ISSS-08): biogeochemical core parameters in the water column 2009
Characterization of ovine diacylglycerol acyltransferase (DGAT1), long chain acid elongase (LCE) and sterol regulatory element binding protein-1 (SREBF1) genes. 2009
Progress on the CUORE cryogenic system 2009
España y Mediterraneo 2009
Cell death induced on macrophages by mycobacterium tuberculosis or attenuated strain so2 2009
The Muostakh Island case as an example of destabilization of the Arctic coastal Ice Complex 2009
Dynamics of the terrestrial particulate material and organic carbon derived from thawed permafrost in the East-Siberian Sea and adjacent part of the Laptev Sea 2009
El valledel Ebro (yesos Monegrinos) y territorios colindantes 2009
Magnetic Properties of W-capped Co Nanoparticles 2009