Title Yearsort descending
Induction of pro-apoptotic processes by cytotoxic molecules from immune cells and from pathogens 2005
Apoptotic pathways are selectively activated by granzyme A and/or granzyme B in CTL-mediated target cell lysis 2005
Biogeochemical characterization of sedimentary organic matter in marine sediments. Black carbon isolation discussion 2005
Strong correlation between structure and magnetism in R5(SiGe)4 (R=Tb, Er) 2005
Magnetism and structure in the magnetocaloric compounds R5(SixGe1-x)4 2005
Delayed doxorubicin-induced apoptosis in highly proliferative Jurkat cell sublines occurs by a caspase-independent mitochondrial pathway involving 2005
Marcadores geoquímicos de la materia orgánica sedimentaria 2005
Dark matter searches with NaI scintillators in the Canfranc Underground Laboratory: ANAIS experiment. 2005
Magnetic glyconanoparticles: Preparation, characterization and MRI applications 2005
Tat-peptide as an effecient molecule to translocate gold nanoparticles and CdS quantum dots into cell nucleus 2005
Use of Caspase-1 as a chemo and radiosensitizer in vitro and in vivo. 2005
Tailoring correlations in the hopping dynamics of mobile ions 2005
Synthesis and electrical properties of the Dy2(ZryTi1-y)2O7 solid solution 2005
Room-temperature synthesis of apatite-type lanthanum silicates by milling constituent oxides 2005
Rapid synthesis of apatite-type lanthanum silicates 2005
Magnetic glyconanoparticles: Preparation, characterization and MRI applications 2005
Atomic Force Microscopy Jumping Mode To Map Receptor-Ligand Recognition 2005
Enantioselective Aza-Henry Reaction Using Cinchona Organocatalysts 2005
Localización cromosómica, caracterización y estudios de asociación con caracteres de producción y calidad de leche de 2 genes (ANXA9, SLC27A3) situados en una región QTL 2005
Sexaje de embriones en ovino mediante PCR: Aplicación a la producción de machos mejorantes del esquema de selección UPRA-Oviaragón. 2005