Latest Publications

C. Magén “Scanning and transmission electron microscopy characterization of thin films”, Chapter in "Thin Films: A General Overview", Ed. by J. Perez de la Cruz, CRC Press / Taylor & Francis Group. (2017), in press.
Quantitative parameters for the examination of InGaN QW multilayers by low-loss EELS. Alberto Eljarrat, Lluís López-Conesa, Julian López-Vidrier, Sergi Hernández, Blas Garrido, César Magén, Francesca Peiró, Sònia Estradé. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 18, 23264-23276 (2016).
Aliovalent doping in colloidal quantum dots and its manifestation on their optical properties: surface attachment versus structural incorporation. A. Stavrinadis, J. S. Pelli Cresi, F. D'Acapito, C. Magén, F. Boscherini, G. Konstantatos. Chemistry of Materials 28, 5384-5393 (2016).
Three-dimensional core-shell ferromagnetic nanowires grown by focused electron beam induced deposition. J. Pablo-Navarro, C. Magén and J. M. de Teresa. Nanotechnology 27, 285302 (2016).
Highly strained AlAs-type interfaces in InAs/AlSb heterostructures. M. Vallet, Y. Claveau, B. Warot-Fonrose, C. Gatel, J. Nicolai, N. Combe, C. Magen, R. Teissier, A. N. Baranov, and A. Ponchet. Applied Physics Letters 108, 211908 (2016).

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