Parameter characterization of HTPEMFC using numerical simulation and genetic algorithms

R. Losantos, M. Montiel, R. Mustata, F. Zorrilla, L. Valiño, Parameter characterization of HTPEMFC using numerical simulation and genetic algorithms, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 47 (2022) 4814–4826.

This paper develops a novel approach to the parameterisation of high temperature exchange membrane fuel cells (HTPEMFC) with limited and non-invasive measurements. The proposed method allows an effective identification of electrochemical parameters for three-dimensional fuel cell models by combining computational simulation tools and genetic algorithms. To avoid each evaluation undertaken by the optimisation method involving a complete computational simulation of the 3D model, a strategy has been designed that, thanks to an iterative process, makes it possible to decouple the fluid dynamic resolution from the electrochemistry one.

Two electrochemical models have been incorporated into these tools to describe the behaviour of the catalyst layer, Butler-Volmer and spherical aggregate. For each one, a case study has been carried out to validate the results by comparing them with empirical data in the first model and with data generated by numerical simulation in the second. Results show that, from a set of measured operating conditions, it is possible to identify a unique set of electrochemical parameters that fits the 3D model to the target polarisation curve. The extension of this framework can be used to systematically estimate any model parameter in order to reduce the uncertainty in 3D simulation predictions.