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Networks of action situations in point-source pollution: the case of winery wastewater in Aragon, Spain 2023
Nations’ water footprints and virtual water trade of wood products 2022
Eating local and in-season fruits and vegetables: Carbon-water-employment trade-offs and synergies 2022
Gender dimensions of the migration, environment and care nexus: The case study of the Mahanadi delta, India   2022
A new accounting framework for assessing forest footprint of nations 2022
Grupo de Investigación en Crecimiento, Demanda y Recursos Naturales (CREDENAT), Universidad de Zaragoza. Modelo EDISON*, tablas y modelos input-output con desagregaciones energéticas para el análisis de políticas 2021
The role of fiscal measures in promoting renewable electricity in Spain 2021
Basque Center for Climate Change (BC3). Modelo DENIO: modelo Dinámico Econométrico Neokeynesiano Input-Output para España. 2021
Energy-socio-economic-environmental modelling for the EU energy and post-COVID-19 transitions 2021
The potential land requirements and related land use change emissions of solar energy 2021
Theoretical and empirical characterization of water as a factor: examples and related issues with the World Trade Model 2021
Developing the food, water and energy nexus for food and energy scenarios with the World Trade Model 2021
Blind spots in water management, and how natural sciences could be much more relevant 2020
Quantifying the reductions in mortality from air-pollution by cancelling new coal power plants   2020
Towards a more effective climate policy on international trade 2020
Effects of climate change and management policies on marine fisheries productivity in the north-east coast of India 2020
Double concentration explaining the outstanding increase in Spanish crop production 2020
Perspectives on the Economics of the Environment in the Shadow of Coronavirus 2020
Linking multisectoral economic models and consumption surveys for the European Union 2020
Reallocating regional water apparent productivity in the long term: methodological contributions and application for Spain 2019