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Integration of a light mobility urban scale hydrogen refuelling station for cycling purposes in the transportation market 2021
Biogás RIS3A: un proyecto para revalorizar el biogás procedente de residuos sólidos urbanos y agroindustriales. 2020
Cathode Supported Hybrid Direct Carbon Fuel Cells with Different Anodes 2020
Preface. Special issue on the European Hydrogen Energy Conference 2018 2019
Characterisation and processing of aqueous LaNi0.6Fe0.4O3 Suspensions into Porous Electrode Layers for Alkaline Water Electrolysis. 2019
Specific national business cases for high pressure electrolysers providing grid services. 2019
Final strategy plan for commercial exploitation of high pressure water electrolysers. 2019
Demonstration a maximum 4 stacks 250 HP AWE. 2019
MgO as a non-pyrolyzable pore former in porous membrane supports 2018
Assessmenf of market potential of future electrolyser applications 2018
Producción de hidrógeno a partir de captura de biogás en vertederos 2018
Influence of porosity on mechanical properties of tetragonal stabilized zirconia 2018
Oxygen Evolution Activity and Chemical Stability of Ni and Fe Based Perovskites in Alkaline Media 2018
EU harmonised terminology for low temperature water electrolysis for energy storage applications. 2018
Presentación del proyecto de metrología: 15NRM03 Hydrogen 2017
Presentación del proyecto QualyGridS: Test estandarizados para la cualificación de electrolizadores desarrollando servicios de red 2017
Cathode-supported hybrid direct carbon fuel cells. 2017
Diseño de Protocolos de Testeo Acelerados para unElectrolizador Alcalino 2017
Oxygen permeation flux through 10Sc1YSZ-MnCo2O4 asymmetric membranes prepared by two-step sintering. 2016