ARAID joins the International Coalition for the Advancement of Research Evaluation (CoARA)

The Aragonese Foundation for Research and Development (ARAID) has just joined the International Coalition for the Advancement of Research Assessment (CoARA) as a signatory of the Agreement for the Reform of Research Assessment. ARAID thus joins this global initiative for a qualitative evaluation of research, which already includes 54 Spanish entities -including more than thirty Spanish universities, the Conference of Rectors, the Higher Council for Scientific Research, as well as organizations financiers and evaluation-, being the first Aragonese institution signatory.

As the beginning of the process, ARAID had as a point of reference the conference 'Towards a new way of evaluating research', organized last March by the University of Zaragoza.

Global AllianceThe Research Evaluation Reform Agreement sets out a shared direction to guide the necessary changes in research evaluation practices, with the overall goal of maximizing the quality and impact of research. It includes the commitments and deadlines for the reforms and establishes the principles for a coalition of organizations that wish to work together in the implementation of the changes. This coalition aims to be an inclusive and collaborative space, offering a platform for debate to develop new criteria, methods , tools, and a space for the exchange of good practices and mutual learning. The process of drafting an Agreement on the reform of research evaluation began in January last year. More than 350 organizations from more than 40 countries participated. The organizations involved included public and private research funders, universities, research centers, institutes and infrastructures, associations and alliances thereof, national and regional authorities, accreditation and evaluation agencies, scientific societies and associations of researchers and other relevant organizations, representing a wide diversity of viewpoints and perspectives.