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Potencial terapéutico de las células NK humanas en el tratamiento de neoplasias hematológicas resistentes a protocolos clásicos de quimioterapia 2011
La union a liposomas aumenta dramaticamente la efectividad de Apo2L/TRAIL contra tumores hematologicos. 2011
Las células NK humanas son capaces de eliminar células tumorales resistentes a tratamientos clásicos de quimioterapia 2011
Fast and sensitive detection of the mycotoxin gliotoxin and related compounds during human aspergillosis 2011
A novel HPTLC analytical method for quantification and separation of mycotoxin gliotoxin and related compounds in human samples. 2011
Microgranuloma Formation Is Not Enough for Control and Survival Following Infection With the Novel Murine Pathogen Brucella microti 2011
Pleiotropism of granzyme B-induced cell death; A means of the host to counter pathogen (tumor) evasion strategies of Tc cell-mediated recovery 2010
Course of infection in immunodeficient mice experimentally inoculated with the emerging mouse pathogen Brucella microti 2010
In vitro-expanded and ex vivo-derived human NK cells as a tool to study cell death induced by cytotoxic cells on hematologic neoplasias 2010
Mitochondrial DNA depletion sensitizes L929 cells to death receptor-mediated cell death 2010
Multiple pathways of granzyme B-induced cell death: result of evolutionary pressure from pathogens (tumors) to evade cytotoxic cells. 2010
Caspase-dependent inhibition of mousepox (ectromelia) replication by gzmB 2009
Cell death induced on macrophages by mycobacterium tuberculosis or attenuated strain so2 2009
Apoptosis induction in ectromelia (mouse pox) infected target cells is modulated by one or more gzmb-mediated pathways 2009
: granzyme a and b of mouse cytotoxic t cells cleave cytoplasmic and plasma gelsolin: consequences for cell morphology inflammatory responses 2009
Caspase-dependent inhibition of mousepox (ectromelia) replication by gzmB 2009
Granzyme A activates a pro-inflammatory cytokine response in macrophages 2009
Role of granzyme B in the cytotoxic T cell attack against the natural mouse pathogen, ectromelia virus 2008
GzmB of ex vivo CTLs induces NADPH oxidase-mediated reactive oxygen species via activation of caspases and independent of mitochondria 2008
Acid sphingomyelinase is a critical regulator of cytotoxic granule secretion by primary T lymphocytes 2008