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Nuevos test diagnósticos para el cáncer de colon desde Aragón 2018
Respuesta inmune a la carta en enfermedades digestivas 2018
Nuevos moduladores de la inflamación intestinal en colitis ulcerosa y cáncer colorrectal 2018
Respuesta inmune a la carta en enfermedades digestivas 2018
Nuevas dianas selectivas y biomarcadores precoces de inflamación en cáncer colorectal 2018
Conceptos básicos de la respuesta inflamatoria 2018
Deconstructing the granzyme family in inflammation and cancer 2018
Inmunoterapia cancer. Anticuerpos frente a puntos de control 2018
Granzymes in the control of tumor immunity and inflammatory/autoimmune disorders: novel opportunities with old acquaintances 2017
Opposing roles of inflammatory and cytotoxic granzymes in ulcerative colitis and CRC development 2017
Immunotherapy in cancer, inflamatory and autoimmune diseases: restoring the delicate balance between protective immunity and self-damage 2016
Inmunoterapia y cáncer. Conceptos básicos 2016
Inflammation induced by the serine-protease granzyme A in inflammatory/autoimmune disorders and host protection: a selective target to fight the dark side of inflammation? 2015
Apoptosis and inflammation induced by the granule exocytosis pathway of killer cells: an alternative to overcome multidrug resistance of tumor cells to apoptosis 2013
Inflamación inducida por células T citotoxicas y NK 2013
Allogeneic activated NK cells overcomes drug-resistance in CLL 2012
Grupo ICE: inmunidad celular efectora 2012
Allogeneic activated human NK cells overcome multidrug resistance in hematological neo 2012
NK cell recognition of B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia 2012