Title Yearsort ascending
Monitorization, separation and quantification of antifungals used for Invasive Aspergillosis treatment by High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography. 2014
Dissecting the molecular mechanism of cell death in transformed cells during photothermal therapy using gold nanoprism 2014
Bona fide induction of apoptosis in transformed cells during photothermal therapy using gold nanoprisms 2014
The course of bismethylGliotoxin detection in serum from patients with probable aspergillosis and the effect of voriconazole treatment 2013
: Inflamación inducida por células T citotoxicas y NK 2013
Human NK cells activated in the absence of exogenous cytokines kill B chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL) cells and overcome apoptosis resistance in hematological neoplasias. 2013
During a bacterial infection cytotoxic T cells employ the pro-apoptotic protease granzyme B to eradicate bacteria meanwhile inflammation induced by NK-derived granzyme A causes sepsis 2013
Specific cytolytic mechanisms are differentially involved in bacterial clearance and sepsis during a gram-negative bacterial infection 2013
Fast and efficient Tc cell-mediated elimination of lymphoma cells overexpressing Bcl-XL in vivo by perf and gzmB. 2013
The relative importance of the mitochondrial cell death pathway during gzmB-induced apoptosis depends on the type of cell transformation 2013
Use of fluorescence cationic dyes to improve the detection of invasive aspergillosis biomarkers 2012
Allogeneic NK cells: evolution provides a highly efficient and specific tool to kill multidrug-resistant cells in hematological malignancies 2012
Bis(methyl)gliotoxin proves to be a stable and reliable biomarker for invasive aspergillosis and suitable for use in diagnosis. 2012
Activation of human allogeneic NK cells overcomes multidrug resistance in hematological tumors 2012
Allogeneic activated NK cells overcomes drug-resistance in CLL 2012
Activated allogeneic NK cells use perforin and granzymes to overcome multidrug resistance in hematological tumors. 2012
Multiple CTL effector mechanisms involved in tumor rejection following CD137 mAb treatment 2012
: In vivo elimination of drug-resistant tumor cells by cytotoxic T cells through a perforin/granzyme B-dependent mechanism 2012
Overcoming tumor and virus strategies to keep cells alive: translation of mouse models into a human disease 2011