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[Libro:] El Arte Público a través de su documentación gráfica y literaria. Homenaje a Manuel García Guatas 2015
[Libro:] Álbum: Recuerdo de la expedición a Canfranc y al pantano de la Peña (1908). Fotografías de Leopoldo Alonso 2021
[Leigh syndrome caused by the mitochondrial DNA G14459A mutation in a Mexican family] 2009
[en griego] ´EU and Greek Foreign Policy: from the Greek “paradox” to limited Europeanization´ 2012
[EN GRIEGO] [La politeia europea: el arte de la co-decisión] 2009
[Diseases of the human mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation system] 2006
[Deletions of the mitochondrial DNA associated to chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia with ragged-red fibers in 2 Brazilian patients] 2006
ZZW-115-dependent inhibition of NUPR1 nuclear translocation sensitizes cancer cells to genotoxic agents 2020
Zinc induced folding is essential for TIM15 activity as an mtHsp70 chaperone 2013
Zaragoza en la fotografía estereoscópica de principios del siglo XX: El Turismo Práctico 2009
YY2 in Mouse Preimplantation Embryos and in Embryonic Stem Cells 2021
YS-TaS2 and YxLa1-xS-TaS2 (0≤x≤1) Nanotubes: A Family of Misfit Layered Compounds 2020
Young stars in high-z QSO host galaxies 2006
Young modulus, mechanical and electrical properties of isolated individual and bundled single-walled boron nitride nanotubes 2011
Young and Explosive BAL QSOs (at low and high redshifts) 2005
YBa2Cu3O7 nano superconducting quantum interference devices on MgO bicrystal substrates 2020
Y chromosome haplotype characterization of Tunisian sheep breeds 2015
Y chromosomal characterization of Turkish native sheep breeds. 2011
XPS Analysis of the PC/PVDF interface modified by PMMA. Location of the PMMA at the interface 2000
XIII Jornadas sobre Producción animal 2009