Titlesort ascending Year
Weakly Trapped, Charged, and Free Excitons in Single-Layer MoS2 in the Presence of Defects, Strain, and Charged Impurities 2017
Weak-antilocalization signatures in the magnetotransport properties of individual electrodeposited Bi Nanowires 2010
Weak Lensing Results from GEMS 2005
Weak and Strong coupling regimes in plasmonic-QED 2013
Water use segregation among plants with contrasting root depth and distribution along gypsum hills 2017
Water Sculpts the Distinctive Shapes and Dynamics of the Tumor-Associated Carbohydrate Tn Antigens: Implications for Their Molecular Recognition. 2018
Water resources and nitrate discharges in relation to agricultural land uses in an intensively irrigated watershed 2019
Water Molecules in Ultrashort Intense Laser Fields 2013
Waste not, want not: A bioeconomic assessment of household food waste reductions in the EU 2019
W196 and the β-hairpin motif modulate the conformational landscape and the biomolecular interaction network of the Apoptosis Inducing Factor 2021
Voltage dependent properties of DNA origami nanopores 2014
Volatility spillover between economic sectors in financial crisis prediction: Evidence spanning the great financial crisis and Covid-19 pandemic. 2021
Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and carotenoids in male common lizard tissues 2012
Visualization of gene expression in the live subject using the Na/I symporter as a reporter gene: applications in biotherapy. 2009
Visualization and Machine Learning Analysis of Complex Networks in Hyperspherical Space. 2019
Viscoelastic effects on drag forces and mixing within a mini-extruder used for polymer-nanocomposite compounding 2011
Viral Gene Therapy 2006
Viral and Non-Viral vectors for in vivo and ex vivo gene therapies. 2015
VIMOS-VLT spectroscopy of the giant Lyα nebulae associated with three z ~ 2.5 radio galaxies 2007
VIMOS-VLT and Spitzer observations of a radio galaxy at z= 2.5* 2006