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Accurate determination of the chiral indices of individual carbon nanotubes by combining electron diffraction and Resonant Raman spectroscopy 2016
Acellular Urethra: a Platform for Urinary Sphincter Bioengineering 2017
Acellular Urethra: a Platform for Urinary Sphincter Bioengineering 2017
Achieving Giant Magnetically Induced Reorientation of Martensitic Variants in Magnetic Shape-Memory Ni–Mn–Ga Films by Microstructure Engineering 2015
Acid gases partial pressure above a 50 wt% aqueous methyldiethanolamine solution: Experimental work and modeling 2010
Acid sphingomyelinase is a critical regulator of cytotoxic granule secretion by primary T lymphocytes 2009
Activated allogeneic NK cells preferentially kill poor prognosis B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells 2016
Activated human primary NK cells efficiently kill colorectal cancer cells in 3D spheroid cultures irrespectively of the level of PD-L1 expression 2018
Activating a Peroxo Ligand for C-O Bond Formation 2019
Activation of endothelial and epithelial KCa2.3 calcium-activated potassium channels by NS309 relaxes human small pulmonary arteries and bronchioles. 2012
Activation of KCa 3.1 by SKA-31 induces arteriolar dilation and lowers blood pressure in normo- and hypertensive connexin40-deficient mice. 2013
Activation of Pleistocene carbon by erosion of coastal permafrost in Arctic Siberia 2012
Active magnetoplasmonic split-ring/ring nanoantennas 2017
Active vibration control of piezoelectric smart beams with RBF-FD collocation method. 2018
Adaptive Dynamics of Settlement Models in the Urban Landscape of Termez (Uzbekistan) fromc. 300 BCE to c. 1400 CE 2023
Adaptive selection of mitochondrial complex I subunits during primate radiation. 2006
Adenomyosis does not affect implantation, but is associated with miscarriage in patients undergoing oocyte donation. 2011
Adenovirus tropism modification on mesenchymal stem cells infection for in vivo visualization and cancer treatment 2008
Adenovirus-mediated expression of myogenic differentiation factor 1 (MyoD) in equine and human dermal fibroblasts enables their conversion to caffeine-sensitive myotubes. 2014