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Algoritmos en bioinformática estructural 2010
Algunas Reflexiones Sobre Responsabilidad De Proteger, Diplomacia Parlamentaria Y La Intervención Militar En Libia En 2011 2015
Alignment-Dependent Ionization of N2, O2, and CO2 in Intense Laser Fields 2010
Aliovalent doping in colloidal quantum dots and its manifestation on their optical properties: surface attachment versus structural incorporation 2016
Aliphatic Organolithiums by Fluorine-Lithium Exchange: n-Octillithium 2003
Alkenylcarbene Ruthenium Arene Complexes as Initiators of Alkene Metathesis: an Enyne Creates a Catalyst that Promotes its Selective Transformation 2005
All-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) induces miR-23a expression, decreases CTSC expression and granzyme B activity leading to impaired NK cell cytotoxicity 2014
Allenylidene to Indenylidene Rearrangement in Arene-Ruthenium Complexes : a Key Step to Highly Active Catalysts for Olefin Metathesis Reactions 2006
Allenylidene-Ruthenium Complexes as Versatile Precatalysts for Alkene Metathesis Reactions 2004
Allenylidene–Ruthenium–Arene Precatalyst for Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerisation (ROMP) 2002
Allosteric inhibitors of the NS3 protease from the hepatitis C virus 2013
Allostery and cooperative interactions in proteins assessed by isothermal titration calorimetry 2016
Allozyme and chloroplast DNA variation in island and mainland populations of the rare Spanish endemic, Silene hifacensis (Caryophyllaceae). 2003
Allozymic differentiation of the Antirrhinum graniticum and the Antirrhinum meonanthum species groups. 2003
Aln2tbl: building a mitochondrial features table from a assembly alignment in fasta format 2021
Alterations of N-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid-Activated K2P Channels in Hypoxia-Induced Pulmonary Hypertension. 2013
Altered DNA methylation in human placenta after (suspected) preterm labor 2020
Altered gene expression in human placenta after suspected preterm labour. 2017
Alternate Global Transition Pathways to 2050: Prospects for the Bioeconomy - An application of the MAGNET model with SDG insights 2019
Alternating current magnetic susceptibility of a molecular magnet submonolayer directly patterned onto a micro superconducting quantum interference device 2011