Title Yearsort ascending
Fossil evidence and tracing key innovations - an example from the evolution of ruminant mammals (keynote as invited speaker) 2017
Granzymes in the control of tumor immunity and inflammatory/autoimmune disorders: novel opportunities with old acquaintances 2017
Drug discovery for infectious and genetic diseases: Challenges and opportunities 2017
La Innovación En La Mejora Genética Del Ovino de Carne a Través de La Genómica 2017
varia 2017
Pan-genomes: estimating the true genomic diversity of species 2017
Elucidating the mechanisms of Protein O-Glycosylation and their implications in disease 2017
Mitigación y adaptación al Cambio Climático en alta montaña: ¿Hay margen para la adaptación? 2017
La custodia de documentos electrónicos auténticos como servicio de confianza 2017
Opposing roles of inflammatory and cytotoxic granzymes in ulcerative colitis and CRC development 2017
Factores metabólicos precoces y aterosclerosis 2017
Genomics uses in barley 2017
Structure and mechanism of GalNAc-Ts. 2017
Soil fauna: key to soil organic matter dynamics and modelling (KEYSOM) 2017
ERA CAREER DAY. Oportunidades profesionales en la carrera investigadora del siglo XXI 2017
CUORE Status: A cryogenic underground observatory for rare events 2016
Immunotherapy in cancer, inflamatory and autoimmune diseases: restoring the delicate balance between protective immunity and self-damage 2016
Why a COST Action on soil fauna and SOM dynamics? Current status and future challenges 2016
Control theory for first principles non-adiabatic Molecular Dynamics 2016
Workshop on TEM practical examples I 2016