Title Yearsort descending
What is Globalization? and What are Global Studies? 2020
Bismuth-based colloidal nanocrystals: lead-free materials for solution-processed solar cells 2020
En busca del Caballo de troya ideal para la terapia antitumoral 2020
Investigación y asistencia sanitaria. Presente y futuro. Juan Calatayud y Alberto Jiménez Schuhmache 2020
Geoethical issues in Palaeontology at a glance (keynote as invited speaker) 2020
Hydrogen In Gas GridS: a systematic validation approach at various admixture levels into high-pressure grids 2020
Borders and Migration in Global World 2020
Participación como relator y comentarista crítico de artículo 2020
Diplomacia parlamentaria griega 2020
How to be winner in the game of evolution: A simplified history of the success of ruminants (keynote as invited speaker) 2020
Investigación del cáncer: conocer para vencer 2021
"What is Globalization and What are Global Studies?” 2021
H2 injection into the gas grid: barriers and challenges 2021
Dark matter annual modulation and ANAIS-112 results: testing the DAMA/LIBRA positive sig-nal 2021
Historia natural de los mamíferos en Aragón 2021
Nanosemiconductores coloidales para celdas solares, fotocatálisis y otras aplicaciones 2021
Dark matter annual modulation with ANAIS-112:three years results 2021
Dinámica de poblaciones: ciencia básica y aplicada a los micromamíferos 2021
A kind of magic: how do we know what we know about past climate and life? (keynote as invited speaker) 2021
Mapping the Spatial Logics of Remote Migration Control 2021