Title Yearsort ascending
Magnetic ordering in the monoclinic structure of Nd5Si1.45Ge2.55 and Pr5Si1.5Ge2.5 studied by means of neutron powder diffraction 2004
The long and short flavodoxins I: The role of the differentiating loop in apoflavodoxin structure and FMN binding 2004
Integral field observations of damped Lyman-α galaxies 2004
Vibrational Studies of A(B’2/3B’’1/3)O3 Perovskites (A = Ba, Sr; B’ = Y, Sm, Dy, Gd, In; B’’ = Mo, W) 2004
Evolution and Impact of Bars over the last nine Gyr: Early Results from GEMS 2004
Integral field spectroscopy of QSO host galaxies 2004
HE 0047-1756: A new gravitationally lensed double QSO 2004
A link between sequence conservation and domain motion within the AAA+ family 2004
Mitochondrial DNA-like sequences in the nucleus (NUMTs): insights into our African origins and the mechanism of foreign DNA integration. 2004
E3D, The Euro3D Visualization Tool 2004
Excited states properties of nanostructures and biomolecules through time dependent density functional theory 2004
Probing electronic states in nanotubes and related-nanoparticles at the nanometer scale 2004
Isothermal titration calorimetry 2004
Within-brood size differences, sex and parasites determine blood stress protein levels in Eurasian Kestrel nestlings. 2004
Dew points of ternary methane (or ethane) + carbon dioxide + water mixtures: Measurement and correlation. 2004
Characterization of protein-protein interactions by isothermal titration calorimetry 2004
Calculation of the optical spectrum of the Ti8 C12 and V8 C12 Met-Cars 2004
Identification of novel inhibitors of the SARS associated coronavirus main protease 3CLpro 2004
Excited states dynamics in time-dependent density functional theory 2004
A structural and thermodynamic scape mechanism from a drug resistant mutation of the HIV-1 protease 2004