Title Yearsort ascending
Study of scintillation in natural and synthetic quartz and methacrylate 2014
Scintillating bolometers: a key for determining WIMP parameters 2014
Characterization and physical origin of energetic particles on Planck HFI instrument 2014
Impact of Particles on the Planck HFI Detectors : ground-based measurements and physical interpretation 2014
Initial performance of the CUORE-0 experiment 2014
Bulk NaI(Tl) scintillation low energy events selection with the ANAIS-0 module 2014
Complementarity of dark matter direct detection: the role of bolometric targets 2013
Search for 14.4 keV Solar Axions from M1 transition of 57Fe with CUORE crystals 2013
Validation of techniques to mitigate copper surface contamination in CUORE 2013
Study of parylene-coated NaI(Tl) at low temperatures for bolometric applications 2013
Light relative efficiency factors for ions in BGO and Al2O3 at 20 mK 2013
The low energy spectrum of TeO2 bolometers: results and perspectives for the CUORE-0 and CUORE experiments 2013
Slow scintillation time constants in NaI(Tl) for different interacting particles 2013
CUORE crystal validation runs: Results on radioactive contamination and extrapolation to CUORE background 2012
Towards an absolute determination of the particle energy thermalized in bolometers 2012
Search for double-β decay of 130Te to the first 0+ excited state of 130Xe with the CUORICINO experiment bolometer array 2012
Background model for a NaI(Tl) detector devoted to dark matter searches 2012
Characterization of a SrF2 Scintillating Bolometer 2012
Scintillating bolometers for fast neutron spectroscopy in rare events searches 2012
Measurement of the L/K electron capture ratio of the 207Bi decay to the 1633 keV level of 207Pb with a BGO scintillating bolometer 2012