Title Yearsort ascending
Search of the neutrino-less double beta decay of 82Se into the excited states of 82Kr with CUPID-0 2018
Design and Fabrication of the Second-Generation KID-Based Light Detectors of CALDER 2018
Study of rare nuclear processes with CUORE 2018
CALDER: The Second-Generation Light Detectors 2018
First Result on the Neutrinoless Double-β Decay of 82Se with CUPID-0 2018
First Results from CUORE: A Search for Lepton Number Violation via 0nubb of Te-130 2018
Al/Ti/Al phonon-mediated KIDs for UV–vis light detection over large areas 2018
CUPID-0: the first array of enriched scintillating bolometers for 0νββ decay investigations 2018
High sensitivity phonon-mediated kinetic inductance detector with combined amplitude and phase read-out 2017
Light yield determination in large sodium iodide detectors applied in the search for dark matter 2017
CUORE and CUORE-0 experiments 2017
CUORE sensitivity to 0nubb decay 2017
Scintillating bolometric technique for the neutrino-less double beta decay search:The LUCIFER/CUPID-0 experiment 2017
High-sensitivity cryogenic light detectors 2017
The projected background for the CUORE experiment 2017
New application of superconductors: high sensitivity cryogenic light detectors 2017
The CUORE cryostat and its bolometric detector 2017
Low energy analysis techniques for CUORE 2017
Measurement of the two-neutrino double-beta decay half-life of 130Te with the CUORE-0 experiment 2017
Phonon-Mediated KIDs as Light Detectors for Rare Event Search: The CALDER Project 2017