Title Yearsort ascending
IL-1family members as candidate genes modulating scrapie susceptibility in sheep 2007
IL-1 family members as possible candidate genes affecting economically important traits in cattle 2007
Fine mapping of genes on sheep chromosome 1 and their association with milk traits. 2006
Isolation ,mapping and identification of SNPs for four genes (ACP6, CGN, ANXA9, SLC27A3) from a Bovine QTL Region on BTA3 2006
Genetic diversity between the colour varieties of the Manchega Spanish sheep breed. 2006
Sexaje de embriones en ovino mediante PCR específica y PCR-DUPLEX. 2005
Globally dispersed Y chromosomal haplotypes in wild and domestic sheep 2005
Mitochondrial Sequence Reveals High Levels of Gene Flow Between Breeds of Domestic Sheep from Asia and Europe. 2005
Biotecnología aplicada al esquema de selección de la raza caprina de Guadarrama. 2005
Ovine alpha-amylase genes: Isolation, linkage mapping and association analysis with milk traits in Manchega breed sheep. 2004
Associations of Heart fatty acid-binding protein (FABP3) with milk traits in Manchega breed sheep. 2004
Linkage mapping of ovine cysteine and histidine-rich protein gene (CYHR1) to chromosome 9. 2004
Fine mapping of the bovine heart fatty acid-binding protein gene FABP-3 gene to BTA2q45 by fluorescence in situ hybridization and radiation hybrid mapping. 2003
Quantitative PCR detection of pork in raw and heated ground beef and pâté 2002
Effect of transport time on welfare and meat quality in pigs. 2002
Influence of lairage time on some welfare and meat quality parameters in pigs. 2002
Beef- and bovine-derived material identification in processed and unprocessed food and feed by PCR amplification. 2002
Species-specific amplification for detection of bovine, ovine and caprine cheese 2002
Characterization, genetic variation and chromosomal assignment to sheep chromosome 2 of the Ovine heart fatty acid-binding protein gene (FABP3). 2002
A Quick and More Sensitive Method to Identify Pork in Processed and Unprocessed Food by PCR Amplification of a New Specific DNA Fragment. 2001