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Como mejorar la prolificidad de las ganaderías de ovino de carne mediante el programa de divulgación de la variante génica RasaOviaragón (ROA). 2010
Effect of the feeding system on the fatty acid composition, expression of the Delta9-desaturase, Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Alpha, Gamma, and Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Protein 1 genes in the semitendinous muscle of light lambs of t 2010
The bovine Annexin 9 gene (ANXA9) is significantly associated with milk-fat yield in a Spanish Holstein-Friesian population. 2010
A SNP in the HSP90AA1 gene 5' flanking region is associated with the adaptation to differential thermal conditions in the ovine species. 2010
Variations in the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I gene indicate northward expanding populations of Culicoides imicola in Spain. 2009
Caracterización, conservación y mejora de razas aragonesas en peligro de extinción. 2009
XIII Jornadas sobre Producción animal 2009
Assessing genetic diversity and population structure of the Spanish Guadarrama goat breed 2009
Freemartinism and FecXR allele determination in replacement ewes of the Rasa Aragonesa sheep breed by duplex-PCR 2009
Ecological correlates of bluetongue virus in Spain: predicted spatial occurrence and its relationship with observed abundance of potential vector Culicoides species 2009
Modelling the distributions and spatial coincidence of bluetongue vectors Culicoides imicola and the Culicoides obsoletus group throughout the Iberian peninsula 2008
Reliability of sex determination in ovine embryos using amelogenin gene (AMEL). 2008
Structural and functional analysis of the HSP90AA1 gene: distribution of polymorphisms among sheep with different responses to scrapie 2008
Structural and functional analysis of the ovine laminin receptor gene (RPSA). Possible involvement of the LRP/LR protein in scrapie response 2008
A Deletion in Bone Morphogenetic Protein 15 Gene (BMP15) causes Sterility and increased Prolificacy in Rasa aragonesa Sheep 2008
Una línea de Investigación sobre genética mejorara la prolificidad en la raza ovina Rasa aragonesa. 2008
Aislamiento de una nueva variante génica del gen BMP15 que influye en un incremento de la prolificidad en la raza ovina Rasa aragonesa. 2008
Culicoides species and transmission of bluetongue virus in Spain 2008
Mejoras genéticas para la raza ovina Rasa aragonesa. 2008
Phenotypic effect of the BMP15/Fecx(R) allele in prolificacy of the CarnesOviaragon SCL population. 2008