Titlesort descending Year
Identificación de perfiles Genéticos humanos y de cérvidos en un caso de caza furtiva. 2000
IL-1 family members as possible candidate genes affecting economically important traits in cattle 2007
IL-1family members as candidate genes modulating scrapie susceptibility in sheep 2007
In silico analysis of regulatory and structural motifs of the ovine HSP90AA1 gene 2016
Infectivity of rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus excreted in rabbit faecal pellets 2021
Influence of lairage time on some welfare and meat quality parameters in pigs. 2002
Influence of the ovine genital tract microbiota on the species artificial insemination outcome. 2020
Influence of the temperature and the genotype of the hsp90aa1 gene over sperm chromatin stability in manchega rams 2014
Investigation of the genetic diversity among native Turkish sheep breeds using mtDNA polymorphisms. 2012
Investigation of the genetic diversity among native Turkish sheep breeds using mtDNA polymorphisms. 2013
Isolation ,mapping and identification of SNPs for four genes (ACP6, CGN, ANXA9, SLC27A3) from a Bovine QTL Region on BTA3 2006
La RHD: Nuevos datos. 2018
La terneza de la carne como un ejemplo de selección asistida por marcadores en bovino de carne 2018
Linkage mapping of ovine cysteine and histidine-rich protein gene (CYHR1) to chromosome 9. 2004
Looking for adaptive footprints in the HSP90AA1 ovine gene 2015
Mejoras genéticas para la raza ovina Rasa aragonesa. 2008
Milk yield and genome-wide expression profiling in mammary gland of beef primiparous cows in response to the dietary management during the pre- and post-weaning periods 2017
Mitochondrial Sequence Reveals High Levels of Gene Flow Between Breeds of Domestic Sheep from Asia and Europe. 2005
Modelling the distributions and spatial coincidence of bluetongue vectors Culicoides imicola and the Culicoides obsoletus group throughout the Iberian peninsula 2008
Novel polymorphisms in the 5'UTR of FASN, GPAM, MC4R and PLIN1 ovine candidate genes: Relationship with gene expression and diet 2015