Title Yearsort ascending
Parliamentary diplomacy and Greek foreign policy 2013
´Introduction: Regional integration, globalization and democracy´ 2013
The origins, structures and functions of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly and of the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly´ 2013
Parliamentary Dimensions of Regionalization and Globalization 2013
´Conclusions´ 2013
Paradiplomacia en tiempos de crisis 2013
´Re-Assessing the Claim of a “Successful Europeanization” of Spanish Foreign Policy: Conceptual and Empirical Criticisms´ 2013
Responsibility to Protect: what role for parliamentary diplomacy? 2013
´Cyprus - The limits of European Solidarity with a small member state´ 2013
[en griego] ´EU and Greek Foreign Policy: from the Greek “paradox” to limited Europeanization´ 2012
The Role of Parliamentary Bodies, sub-state Regions, and Cities in the Democratization of the Southern Mediterranean Rim 2012
Os limites da diplomacia parlamentar e a resoluçao de conflictos internacionais: O caso da Assembleia Parlamentar Euro-Mediterrânica e a sua sucessora a Assembleia Parlamentar da Uniâo para o Mediterrrâneo (2004-2011) 2012
´EUROLAT: la dimensión parlamentaria de las relaciones UE-América Latina y Caribe´ 2012
´Conclusiones´ 2012
América Latina-Unión Europea/Unión Europea-América Latina: integración regional y birregionalismo 2012
´Introducción´ 2012
Emerging Powers” as obstacles to “Effective Multilateralism”: The negative impact of Brazil´s Foreign Policy on the Rhetoric of “Civilian Power Europe”´ 2012
Parliaments and parliamentarians as international actors 2011
The Parliamentary Dimension of Regionalism: Comparing Experiences in Europe´s Neighborhoods 2011
Gobernanza Global Multi-Nivel y Multi-Actor – Ejemplos de Europa, el Mediterráneo y América Latina 2011