Title Yearsort ascending
´The European Parliament´s contribution to the R2P debate: lessons from the Libyan and Syrian conflicts´ 2016
´EU national Parliaments and the recognition of Palestine: “Really” breaking new ground or “just” adding further support?´ 2016
“Multi-level Governance in the Mediterranean: What roles for parliamentary assemblies?” 2016
The French Parliament and the conflicts in Libya and Syria 2016
“The Rise of Parliamentary Diplomacy in International Politics” 2016
Mapping the parliamentary field in the Mediterranean: how many actors? 2016
´Parliamentary Diplomacy Uncovered: European and Global Perspectives´ 2016
´Conclusions: international role and impact of the European Parliament´ 2015
The European Parliament and its International Relations 2015
Inter-parliamentary cooperation in electoral monitoring 2015
´The European Parliament and Interregional Dialogue: the Case of Responsibility to Protect´ 2015
‘Crisis and De-Europeanization’ 2015
The parliamentary dimension of EU external affairs during the 2014 Greek Presidency 2015
The Impact of the International Economic and Financial Crisis on the De-Europeanization of National Foreign Policies in the Mediterranean 2015
Unpublished summary paper based on a presentation given as an Invited Expert Speaker in the Panel on “SEECP PA and parliamentary diplomacy: Creating and managing relations with international and regional organizations” 2015
Algunas Reflexiones Sobre Responsabilidad De Proteger, Diplomacia Parlamentaria Y La Intervención Militar En Libia En 2011 2015
“´EU inconsistency and incoherence over Libya´: evidence to the contrary” 2014
“The European Parliament as an International Parliamentary Institution (IPI)” 2014
The new Inter-Parliamentary Conference on the CFSP/CSDP 2014
Parliamentary Dimensions of Regionalization and Globalization 2013