Titlesort descending Year
2010 update on the ROSEBUD Project 2010
3D analysis of the morphology and spatial distribution of nitrogen in nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes by energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy tomogra... 2012
3D Kinematics of High-z Galaxies as Seen Through the Gravitational Telescope 2007
3D magnetic induction maps of nanoscale materials revealed by electron holographic tomography 2015
3D Nanometric Analyses via Electron Tomography: Application to Nanomaterials 2015
3D Spectroscopy of Herbig-Haro objects 2005
3D Spectroscopy of Herbig-Haro Objects 2007
3D Spectroscopy of the Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies IZw18 and IIZw70 2007
3d Spin Glass and 2d Ferromagnetic XY model: a Comparison 1997
3D Visualization of the Iron Oxidation State in FeO/Fe3O4 Core–Shell Nanocubes from Electron Energy Loss Tomography 2016
3D-footprint: a database for the structural analysis of protein-DNA complexes. 2010
3D-Spectroscopy of Interacting Galaxies 2004
3D-Spectroscopy with PMAS at Calar Alto 2004
A "dark side" to French parliamentary diplomacy? Evidence from the Syrian and Ukrainian conflicts 2021
A 3D insight on the catalytic nanostructuration of few-layer graphene 2014
A Bayesian approach for discriminating among alternative inheritance hypotheses in plant polyploids: the allotetraploid origin of genus Borderea (Discoreaceae). 2006
A BGO scintillating bolometer as dark matter detector prototype 2009
A bicistronic recombinant adenovirus carrying both p53 and p16 tumor suppressor genes for treatment of p53-resistant gliomas. 1998
A broadened scope for the use of hydrazones as neutral nucleophiles using H-bond organocatalysts 2006
A building blocks strategy for preparing photocatalytically active anatase TiO 2/rutile SnO 2 heterostructures by hydrothermal annealing 2017